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JOE TECH is a mockumentary TV-series for DR3 that follows the life of the great 26-year-old Joe Tech, who lives in a small Copenhagen apartment with his pregnant girlfriend, but without a ...See full summary » Michael is a Danish kid who grows up in a housing project with mainly foreign immigrants. See full summary » Melon Rainbow is a young girl who wishes to be seen, which is ironic since she works as a cleaning lady in a Housing Association for blind people.Popular fanon: Perceptor was never wrong no matter what he did (and he was awesome even without a sniper gun).IDW G1 canon: Perceptor sometimes did something wrong…Popular fanon: Elita-1 was a badass female leader.You have to understand, being separated from your spouse for a few centuries or so really does take its toll. Sometimes, not very often mind you, but sometimes Optimus leaves the comfort of his court to walk among the humans for a night or so.They’re so vibrant and joyful and petty and selfish and brilliant and about a million other things all rolled into one.

He explained their response:"Well, I remember bringing up that question early on with Hasbro, "are any of these female?" And then I think Hasbro's attitude was, 'this is a boy toy.We don't wanna have, you know, girl robots.' So, I said, 'OK, just want to clarify that.'"However, it seems the toy manufacturer has now changed its mind, as they have just announced they will soon be debuting a new line of female-only Transformers in order to appeal to a newly emerging audience of younger girls.Then you began to vacillate, worrying that you must be right but telling yourself that surely you aren’t. Refuse to cooperate and you will find yourself in a bloody legal battle.When you asked questions, the answers seemed a little too slick, too rehearsed. Maybe your spouse cajoled, or threatened, in a concerted effort to keep you from telling anyone what was happening.