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Both the sexual harassment claims and a counter-suit alleging that she stole money from the company, which tried to create a space colony-like dome in a city called Oracle, were settled.

Trump campaign CEO Bannon fired woman on maternity leave: suit Augustine, a former boss at the company, said that Bannon would talk about the size of women’s breasts and once grabbed her wrist while dancing and told her “that once I’d done it with him I’d never want to do it with anyone else,” according to Buzzfeed.

Biosphere’s billionaire backer Edward Bass was the principal defendant in Augustine’s suit, which also alleged libel, slander and breach of contract and was filed after she was removed from the company.

Bannon, then known as a “Beverly Hills investment banker,” was brought in to the company as an interim CEO, according to The Los Angeles Times, which said that Biosphere was “a nightmare of legal wrangles and bitter feuds.” The Augustine lawsuit is not the first to bring up details about wrongdoing or criminal conduct by Bannon, who has left a long trail of legal documents through the years.

“It doesn’t look like it’s in the cards, but you never know, things change,” Jones told Confidential. We did a hundred shows, made a bit of dough, but we wanted to kill ourselves at the end.

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"It's just beautiful, it's not too hot and they have a lot of rain," he says. Most people get on my nerves these days, maybe 'cause I'm turning into a grumpy old man." The guitarist has been considering his journey from handkerchief-headed Sex Pistol to grumpy old man a lot lately, as he worked on his recently released memoir, Lonely Boy. You had a difficult relationship with Johnny Rotten, but what was it that drove you all apart on the U. And of course Lydon wasn't interested at this point. Even though in the movie it looked like we was auditioning singers, that was just [Malcolm] Mc Laren's idea of creating everything. If we did, it wouldn't have been called Sex Pistols. I didn't think, "Oh, I better not do this, because look what happened to Sid," because I just don't think like that. You wrote a lot about him "glassing" people in bars. It's an album that was so bizarre for these 19, 20-year-olds to do in the structure of the songs. We didn't go for like, "We need to write a hit song for the record company." There was none of that. And Chris Thomas allowed me to be creative and Bill Price to get the best out of me, 'cause literally I'd only been playing a year. It's quite extraordinary it turned out the way it did. I don't think any of us knew what was going on. You attempted to write new music for a possible new Pistols album around 2003. The Runaways also did that with Joan Jett, and that was a good feeling. I think it's just him to pick certain people to play with.

Son of Sex Pistols manager sets fire to .25M in punk items “I’ve been sober for 26 years,” he explained.

“I got to the point where I was literally sleeping on people’s couches and had nothing.

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