Dating enamelware

A lot of enamelware was destroyed during World War II’s scrap metal drives.

That has led to an increased value for the remaining pieces.

It isn’t an activity I’ve engaged in for about a decade, and I have no imminent plans to take it back up.

There’s something about that seems so lovely and quaint. There are also wasps and other stinging insects whose damages range from annoying to disgusting to life threatening. Even if I was never one for the outdoors, I was always one for the accoutrements and accessories, and those enamel pieces were just so simple and nifty. Even though I’m not using them for cooking, vintage enamel pieces are so simple, versatile and charmingly utilitarian that they’re easy to find a use for. They’re generally cheap and easily collectable, so I like to keep my eye out for little bowls and baking pans and trays at junk shops and estate sales.

Made by Falcon enamelware, the bread bin with handles in white and blue lettering and rim, is available in small... View full product details » This Falcon enamel square cake tin is a beautiful conductor of heat, resulting in a pleasing cake texture.I’m often surprised by how effective even small measures are — so effective, in fact, that I end up skipping the harsher chemicals and materials altogether!Enamelware was created in the 1870s and was made until the 1930s.View full product details » A Falcon enamel cake pan, rectangular in shape, ideal for loaf-style cakes (carrot cake, zucchini bread, banana bread). My go-to pan for making brownies and semolina cake. View full product details » A Falcon enamel cereal bowl in popular duck egg blue. View full product details » Smell your favourite espresso coffee brewing in a traditional Falcon enamel coffee percolator.Too useful to keep just for breakfast, bring it out of the cupboard for lunch and dinner too. View full product details » We've noticed that many of our customers are ordering sets of four cereal bowls, so to make the process easier we've introduced a set of four. Use the enamel coffee percolator on wood, electric, gas or cast iron stove top. View full product details » A perfect sized colander by Falcon enamelware for washing vegetables or draining pasta or rice.