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WHAT TO EXPECT Beautiful Connections and Love Frequency Cacao Elixir -- Using Ceremonial Grade Guatemalan Cacao Private Garden Oasis Fire Pit Transformative Beats Sound Healing Grounding energy work Exploring the Divine Masculine Divine Feminine Self-Worth Practice; the cornerstone of relational intimacy fulfilment Upon drinking the ceremonial dose of cacao elixir, we can flow into the frequency of love - using this space to laugh, play, share and connect.Let us remain open to trusting the process of manifestation and creation in this space.This powerful synergy of cacao and fire energy will help us remain open and invite space into our life for LOVE.CONTRIBUTION -- This includes; 1 cups of the highest vibration Hand Crafted Guatemalan Ceremonial Grade Cacao made with cinnamon, cayenne, mesquite and stevia Raw vegan treats and appetizers Fire Ceremony Grounding Energy work and Connections Exercises Amplified Beats Facilitation of heart opening and energy release Jungle like garden space for deeper connection to nature, 3 minute walk to the beach if we wish to get our feet on the sand at some point :) BENEFITS Raise your vibration, opening your heart for increased love, joy and abundance in your life Deep connection to beautiful souls Transformative experience -- leaving who we are to behind to allow space for love Feelings of pure BLISS GUESTS This is a powerful time to come together and connect as big shifts occur in consciousness.This is really more of a workbook, than just simply a book, so every chapter has little assignements that you do at the end, before you move on to the next chapter.

When you take action toward minimizing your insecurities, the degree to which you feel insecure about them will start diminishing.

AMPLIFIED CACAO is launching it's first official DATE NIGHT CEREMONY With guidance from the cacao spirit, we are tapping into the LOVE frequency of CACAO and facilitating deeper connections.

Cacao has been used for centuries in different cultures as a tool to facilitate entering into the heart-space.

In a bar, a club, a library or at work, you use the way a person looks to make the first decision about how to, and whether to approach the human that has caught your eye.

I've never walked into a bar and had various women approach me with a brief description of their life and interests and a short and unfunny tagline trying to sum up their outlook on life.