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I did a search for 8007045B in Google but the information is conflicting, confusing, and for the most part all the articles I've read go around in a loop.

I also came across an article on PC World which says to do revert my restore point - but that didn't work, either.

writes: " Dear Dennis, My Windows Update won't update.

It happened when I upgraded to Windows 8.1; I had over 100 updates to download.

I did change a bad battery earlier today to get the machine to turn on and boot up. I was unable to navigate to the year to make a change.Get System Time copies the time to a SYSTEMTIME structure that contains individual members for month, day, year, weekday, hour, minute, second, and milliseconds. You can also obtain the system time in file time format using the Get System Time As File Time function.Get System Time As File Time copies the time to a FILETIME structure.It’s something that you set when installing the operating system and then promptly forget about.But how do you ensure that your computer clock is accurate?