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Dr Wiseman then went on to serve Australia's interests overseas as a diplomat with postings in Stockholm, Brussels and Hanoi's Australian embassies.

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You revel in your new role as Marilyn Monroe to his Olivier, drinking in his fun facts, grammatical corrections and recommendations like lattes. Day after day come the Twitter-storms – his inability to keep his nose out and his talent for getting a bee in his knickers about the most stupid of things meaning he has little time for anything that doesn’t involve putting the world to rights via his long-suffering keyboard. Don’t fuck somebody who can’t admit when they’re wrong.After leaving ANU, Dr Wiseman's career began when he took a job at the Department of Foreign Affairs (now Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).Through his career at DFA Dr Wiseman spent time in meetings with Prime Minister Bob Hawke as Foreign Minister Gareth Evan's private secretary.But Prof Spence, 39, said he was delighted that the department's work had been recognised.He said: "This research is not as silly as it sounds.