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In the world's first contest of its kind, 10 men and 10 women competed in the Mr and Miss Albinism Kenya pageant this month in Nairobi. The competition, which drew a crowd of about 1,000 including Deputy President William Ruto, was designed to celebrate people with albinism - who lack pigment in their skin, hair and eyes - and challenge stigma and persecution."Even when I was dating, it was difficult for girls to say I'm handsome," said Isaac Mwaura, Kenya's first parliamentarian with albinism and founder of the Albinism Society of Kenya, which organized the pageant.It occurs in all races of humans, all plant and animal life.It is caused by a recessive gene carried by both parents. Albino's need regular routine eye checks to ensure glasses are kept up to date. They have a higher risk of skin cancer as they get older so a high factor sun cream is essential as are hats and long sleeve tops and UV lenses in their glasses.In South Africa, the albinism society believes it is just a matter of time before the same thing happens here.“It is already here. There are so many unwritten rules and we aren’t all reading from the same playbook so we don’t even know what all the rules are.Though South Africa signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2007, Mazibuko said no recognition had been given to people living with albinism or their rights.She said public hospitals had an obligation to provide sunscreen lotion to all people affected by albinism.

I have not too long ago contacted the admin of the number 1 albino page on Facebook and asked him to ask his members if they know their blood types.

“Even our government refuses to recognise us.” One in 4 000 people in the country is affected by albinism.

This inherited condition is explained as a lack of pigment, which affects the eyes, hair and skin.

In the US certain states have been allowed to train people with albinism to drive with a special course and special Bioptic Glasses, these are not currently available in the United Kingdom, but I would imagine they will soon make their way over here like everything else.

People with Albinism lead normal healthy lives and as long as they do all the above lead happy lives.